Turnkey projects

2013 Blow off condenser for heat recovery from steam peelers

For a client in Germany, Profenco provided the design and implementation of a system for heat recovery from discharge steam from steam peelers. With the blow off condenser developed by Profenco, approx. 1500 kW of heat is recovered and transferred to a warm water circuit 8092°C. The heat that is recovered is used to heat two blanchers. The project has a simple payback period of 1.3 years.

2013 Baking fume condenser for heat recovery from deep fryers

Baking fume condensers recover energy from frying processes. Frying fumes generally have a temperature of 110-120°C, and contain a substantial amount of water vapour resulting from the evaporation of water from the product. By condensing water vapour in a baking fume condenser, a considerable amount of energy can be recovered and transferred to a warm water circuit. The recovered energy can than be used beneficially in other processes.

As part of this project, based on the results of an energy study carried out by Profenco, the required condenser was calculated, delivered and installed. Using the baking fume condenser, approx. 5000 kW of heat is recovered. Additionally, Profenco developed and built the entire warm water circuit for the heat recovery, including modification of production machines.
A portion of the heat is even used for producing cold for a cooling tunnel by means of an absorption cooling unit. The project has a simple payback period of 2.1 years.

2013 Heat recovery from blancher overflow water

A certain amount of replacement water is often supplied to the blanchers to ensure that the water remains sufficiently clean. As a result, an equivalent amount of high-temperature water spills off. As part of this project, the overflow water from a number of blanchers is collected to then be cooled by a heat exchanger. The extracted heat is used in the same heat exchanger to warm the replacement water.

2016 Heat recovery condensate

2016 Cooling tunnel modification for potato specialities

Advice and engineering

2016 Cooling tunnel design for ready meals

In cooperation with the Plaza Foods project team, Profenco developed two special cooling tunnels for cooling Asian ready meals using an impingement cooling system. With this cooling system, the cooling time was strongly reduced as compared to traditional cooling systems. Reducing the cooling time contributes to a longer shell life and a better flavour for the product.

2014 Design of a cooking and cooling line for fresh potato products

2014 Design of NH3/CO2 cascade cooling and freezing installation

2016 Design expansion of NH3/CO2 cascade freezing installation

2015 Design of cooking and cooling line for red beets

Project managment

2016 Project management of new factory construction for ready meals

During the new construction of a state-of-the-art production facility for Asian fresh ready meals, Profenco received a request to support the project team of Plaza Foods as a project manager. A clear division of the various responsibilities was made in advance. Our responsibilities included creating and monitoring plans, overseeing budgets and recording agreements with installers, contractors and suppliers.

2016 Projectmanagment Altoni Kelderman nv

Profenco received the request to optimise Altoni Kelderman’s existing potato croquettes line. The basic principles were increasing the capacity, improving product quality and prolonging the shelf life. Profenco guided Altoni in making the right choice for the purchase of the new croquette shaper and breading line. We also created a new design for the cooling tunnel, which has now been commissioned successfully.