We believe that thorough and independent advice is crucial when it comes to making the right technical and economic choices. Consultancy is therefore one of Profenco’s main activities. The area within which we can advise clients is extensive and focuses on the generation, transport and use of energy flows. This includes, for example, renovation and expansion of both your heating and cooling utilities, as well as the selection and design of the transport and piping systems. This also includes the choice and design of process-related systems, such as cooling tunnels and blast freezers, screw coolers and steamers, belt coolers and steamers, blanchers and dryers.

In most cases, consultancy is provided by carrying out a study. A feasibility study carried out by an independent firm offers you reliable insight into the financial and technical feasibility of your product or service.

The results of the feasibility study can offer extra support to obtain the necessary financing or subsidy. The results of the feasibility study by Profenco can also identify any issues that you might encounter while implementing the new technology within your company.
As part of our consultancy, we focus special attention on hygiene, energy consumption, reliability, ease of use and investment and maintenance costs.