The basic principles, along with all of the preconditions the system must comply with, will be determined together with the client as the basis for the design. During this process, we take into account the future situation and potential expansion of the production processes, and measurements will be made to collect missing data if necessary.

Based on the basic principles and data obtained, a draft design will be supported with P&I diagrams and layouts. To estimate the costs and the anticipated energy use, budget requests will be made for the main components, such as coolers, heat exchangers and pumps. The client and Profenco will review the draft design and make adjustments, if necessary.
Following consultation and agreement, the preliminary design will be worked out in detail with all of the requisite calculations, drawings, specifications of the components to be used and descriptions.

Profenco can also provide complete technical documentation. With the documentation and corresponding drawings, detailed prices can be requested from a number of installers/suppliers of your choice. In this way, we obtain competitive prices for systems of equal quality. Potential alternatives will be assessed in comparison with the design.