Profenco energy & process technology BV

Established in 2009, Profenco stands for a professional approach to your energy and process-related issues. Over the past years, we have had the pleasure of helping many clients with improving efficiency and optimising processes with a great deal of joy, dedication and satisfaction. Our goal is to become a respected and reliable long-term partner for our clients and to be a pleasant, trustworthy employer to our current and future employees. To achieve this goal, we attach considerable importance to the following things:


Quality comes first in everything we do. Profenco makes no concessions that would negatively impact the quality, and in turn the result of a project. It may sound a bit clichéd, but we believe that it is a basic ingredient for meeting our objective.


We respect our clients for who they are and what they do. We as a company are a service provider and we demonstrate this in all of our work. Our activities are geared towards solving your problems and improving your processes, while also respecting your knowledge and experience.


Profenco takes its work very seriously, and we never avoid our responsibilities. In something unexpected does go wrong during a project, we will do everything necessary to devise and deliver a suitable solution. We aren’t satisfied until you’re satisfied.


Of course, knowledge and expertise are inextricably linked to the success of projects. The knowledge and experience level at Profenco is high and we do everything to maintain this level. Nevertheless, we don’t know everything and we are certainly not above enlisting the help of third parties in areas in which we have less expertise. We therefore attach a great deal of importance to good cooperation with our clients and partners.

The people

Hans Prein

Hans received his training at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Mechanical Engineering Department studying Energy and Process technology. After 10 years at an independent engineering firm, in 2009, Hans founded Profenco. Hans considers it a challenge to design complex, effective thermal solutions.

André Kleijn

Years of experience in the food industry as both a sales manager and a product manager. Capable of offering clarity into the question or issue of a factory.


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