By cooperating with various partners, we can offer complete processes. We are therefore accustomed to working together closely with partners. These partners can be appointed by the client, however if the client has not expressed an opinion, we have preferred partners in several areas. We select these preferred partners based on quality, flexibility and know-how. In this way, Profenco is always able to carry out a project to a high standard. Because we have already carried out numerous projects together with these partners, neither we nor you will ever be left with any surprises.


Profenco is a vendor for the following suppliers:


For the Dutch and Belgian market, we are a vendor for Tivadar Shell & Tube heat exchangers and pressure vessels. Tivadar makes high-quality custom heat exchangers and pressure vessels at a competitive price. Both are available in various materials and styles and for various applications. If you are interested in a heat exchanger or pressure vessel, please contact us. We would be happy to help you.

Marel Further Processing B.V.

For the Dutch and Belgian market, we are a vendor for Marel Further Processing B.V. for the potato specialities industry.

Marel Further Processing B.V. develops, produces and installs complete lines for the processing of potatoes into tasty products with a significant added value. As a turn-key supplier, Marel Further Processing offers machines for all the functions in the line.

  • Shaping/portioning
  • Coating
  • Heat treatment
  • Cooling and freezing.


For the Dutch and Belgian market, we are a vendor for Oxytex. UV-C system in order to reduce nasty odours.
When cooking / frying there will be unpleasant smells and a high content of carbon. Furthermore a growth of grease increases the risk of fire. Oxytex found a solution to this problem. During the UV-C / Ozon Air cleaning process, the return air streams over special lights which produce UV-Light. This light convert O2 into O3. O3 will connect with odorous causers; organic, greasy and odorous substances will oxidize. The remaining is fully biodegradable and is transported away through the return air flow.

  • Official regulations (TA-air, carbon content, odour circulation) will be kept.
  • Operating costs are low, as well as the maintenance costs.
  • There is relatively little structural work required: the systems are compact and low in weight
  • CIP cleaning of the UVC lamps
Marel Townsend