Energy saving

There are various reasons why you might decide to have an energy study carried out. Whatever the reason is, Profenco will work to create wide support within your organisation during the process, so that the result of the study will in fact enable a more-efficient production process and substantial cost savings.

During an energy study, the analysis of the production processes, the energy installations and the energy consumption form the basis for the generation of all feasible energy savings opportunities, both technical and economic.

A description will be provided for each energy-saving option of the measure and, where relevant, supplemented with a draft drawing. A calculation of the potential savings will also be provided, together with an estimate of the investment costs based on experience and actual requests.
The energy study will also be carried out in close cooperation with you as a client. In this way, the result of the study will fit within your organisation and with your vision for the future.

Of course, we can also carry out a study of a specific department within your organisation.

Following the energy study, Profenco can translate the measures generated into detailed technical specifications and, in many cases, implement these measures.